Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pyramid of wonder

It is the world's oldest and most famous of the world's wonders. The seven wonders of the ancient world, mainly in the old and the only surprise was that the existing. This is in addition to Giza pyramids and the pyramids khuphura cepasa also known as the Pyramid. It has been created by the million blocks of stone. Khuphura Great Pyramid was created in 20 year and was created B.C 2560 jobs over complete. The height of 146.5 meters and about the first 3,800 years of human development as the world's top architecture was known. Egyptian pharaoh of the fourth emperor is khuphura burial. The Seven Wonders of the World is one. The ancient Egypt would rule pharaoh kings. The tomb is built on the grave as the pyramid templates. Misare chotabara have 75 pyramids. Giza is a large and most attractive of which khuphu Pyramid also known as the Pyramid. It was created about 5000 years BC. Its height is about 481 feet. It was established 755 square feet land. It took the time to create a new 20 years and handwork 1 million labors. Pyramid was built a huge part of stone. Volume was about 60 tons of stone, a weight and length of 30 to 40 appears. They were collected from the far hill. The pyramids were built with a pair of stone and another stone from the middle part of the gap would not be negligible. Egyptians firmly believed that after death, their spirit is alive. So the next life that is not a problem. So that they can enjoy their life Egyptians would think. Depend on the importance of individual.  The important of individual increased. The life eases to relax enough to fall taken guard. The first work would do in the pharaoyera.  However, each sought his churchyard. Many of the death of the previous day's field would continue their work. The churchyard is the soul of dead cells. The Egyptians were, dead or alive, dead bodies remain in or return on the soul. The mummy is the corpse he said. I needed something for the survival of the soul and used every resource, especially the food with dead bodies. Primary responsibility of the body from the mausoleum dasyudera protects his belongings to be used. The huge amount of financial disputes and how to empower the person dead body’s purposes was to create a pyramid. The cemeteries with their dead bodies were guard for protecting huge wealth. The rich would most precious things their dispute. Even a small amount of disputes of low level people, but we were drinking.As past memories pyramids have stand on the head high which adherent wonderful of the column. Egypt was the "Great Pyramid” more than just one architecture. Cairo Egyptian city located in the peripheral area of the pyramid is the most tombs. The Pyramid "pharaoh khuphu - the Pyramid" or "pyramid siopasera" known.