Saturday, July 2, 2011

The star mosque

The star mosque is a very beautiful mosque situated in Dhaka. Architecturally faultless this mughl style mosque exhibits five domes with hundreds of big and small twinkling stars on walls. The stars have been created by setting pieces of chinaware on white cement .Seen from the front and form far its looks as if shining above the surface of the earth. The inside of it’s is even more beautiful than the inside lovely mosaic floor and excellent tiles with many floral patterns set on the walls area all on complete harmony. The shat gambuj mosque is older than the star mosque. Both the mosques are wall decorated. The shat gambuj mosque is roofed over with 77 squat domes. mirza ghulam pir , a highly respectable zamidar of Dhaka , built the star mosque  in early 18th century .The star mosque interior western wall was beautifully decorated with terracotta flowers and foliage the star mosque is really fantastic , It has decorated by the number of domes , It is one of the most archaeological beauties of Bangladesh . The shat gambij mosque is built on taulok architecture where as the star mosque is on mughal style. , Now it is one of the most beautiful places of Bangladesh.