Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gioat khundo of mahasthangarh

It is called a life well situated in eastern a large well common side From phorshuram house. It is known that the well water touched could have come back of dead body life. The war of mahesheear dead army The King phorshuram might have revived his army this tank of water. Finally, the saint was threaded a piece of cow meat in the bird of falcon and destroy the tank of water and was defeated the king of phorshuram. The tank diameter was 3.78 meters . The tank wall from the land less high. The tank lower side has tapered. One side of tank 6" to 10 and 1-8" to 1-6" area a piece of granite stone has set. Of stone share 2-1" inside the tank extended and remnant of outside the tank. Perhaps, the advantages water hoist it’s also used from the built of tank. It is concept that, the stone was made of Gopta age and inwrought by flower. The inside of tank wall two sides has affixed it stairs used as a few slab piece. It is concept that, these are purvey any temple. No doubt, these were in two gourypot .At present, the tank up and down sank and cement plaster are showing. It’s probably repaired of modern age design. It is show that anywhere plaster has been damaged and the tank is built of mogal age smaller bricks and It has built by sand and cement. It is easy to concept that, The habitual of phorshuram house said in eighteen-nineteen century was built the tank his coeval. It is visionary not in phorshuram Gioat khundo.