Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sila Devir Ghat of mahasthangarh

There is a third opening which which leads directly to a bathing place called the sila Bevir Ghat the ghat pt the bathing place called of sila Devi on the river karatoya . On the north there are two opening snatan sabeber Galy and the unnamed one leasing to Ghararduar village across the kalusaha bil. The southern entrance is known as Burir Darwaza (the door  of gate of he old woman), Some isolated mounds , each known by its local name , are sprwas over the eastern half of the fortified area .The western half is devoid of any such conspicuous mound . At the southeastern corner we have a dargarh and a mosque commemorating shah sultan Balkhi Mahisawae who conquered the area for Islam possibly in fourteen -fifteenth century A.d. of earlier . About 200 yard  to the northwest of the dargah there is a mound which is known as khoda -ra-pathar because an enormous door -sill of granite stone is lying on it . About 400 the north of manrbalir Dhap with a well near it. Further north is Baiagir Bhita. A high mound at one of he re-entrant angles of the eastern rampart is not far from  sila Devir Ghat and is known as munir Ghon . Outside the fortification but lyind close to its northeasrern cormer on a bend of the karatoya is the mounds ansd have been at least partially explored , throeind light n the archiercural history of the site .The issue of identification in the perface to the 15  volume of his Reports ,Cunnindham wrires that one of his obkects in visiting northern Bengal in1879-80 was to look for  the anciend caputal called paundravarddbana by look for the site of the ancient city at mahasthan on the bank of the kararoya river .According to him the proof of the identification rest partly on the agreement of the distance and bearind from the neighbourhood of Rakmahal.