Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Covetous scene of Sajek Valley

Sajek valley is the name of union that is situated at Baghaichari upazilla in Rangamati district. It is also familiar for the biggest union of Bangladesh. In the deep sense, it is the name of river which differs from Bangladesh to India. This river streams in the Karnafuli River that is central river of Chittagonj hill tracts. Actually Sajek valley is located near the North Angle of Rangamati belong to Mizoram border boundary area of India. Basically this valley is famous for various ethnic people around the valley like Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Luchai and Sagma. It is one of the longest height valley in Bangladesh that is nearly 2,000 ft. high from the sea level. Abundant of tiny rivers flux into the hills among them like Kachalon and Machalong are notable. Sajek valley is called as “Hill Queen” for its eternal beauty and it is also known as the roof of Rangamati.

There are various attractive places in Sajek valley such as Marishaha(most of the houses are built by bamboo that is looking very charming and fascinating) and Kantok(it is popular for its big and beautiful orange orchard). Most of the enchanting spot are sun set, rain, morning, night and primitive people. Here roads are lool loke serpentine that is very enjoyable when you are sitting on the car. Sajek valley is in Rangamati but fitst you can arrive from Khagrachori. You begin your travel from Khagrachori to Bagaihat bazar to Machalong haat then at last you will reach your destination and dreamable place is Sajek valley. It is only 62 km from the main street of Khagrachori. You can easily hire a jeep for visiting the valley. At first on the way of a traveller you must take license from the army camp in Bangladesh. But really they are very befriend and acquaintance. So, you can easily take permission from them for checking your parcel and ticket. When you reach the valley, you will watch the eye-catching scenery that you never see before your entire life. You also see some unforgettable moments in your life. When you arrive the top position of Sajek valley, this time you can’t trust that what happen before your eyes. There are enjoyed some crazy sceneries. You watch that clouds are floating here and there beside you. And one’s can easily touch it in one’s hand actually that is unbelievable task and imaginary theme but actually real incidents in Sajek valley.

Additional information

  •      Most suitable time to visit in Sajek valley is winter. But you take a bit risk then you watch the real beauty in rainy season.
  •      Ensure that about there has any reservation room or not. In season sometime, it is notified that there are shortage of staying place. 
  •        Keep in mind to bargain every time before hiring any vehicle.
  •       Electricity is not available there. So keep in power bank with you to run your phone.  
  •     Shortage of pure drinking water. So remain it with you. Save oneself from the mosquito borne diseases like malaria and dengue. 

Sajek valley is one of the most eminent and illustrious places in Bangladesh. You and your family member are invited to inspect this well-known valley.

Celestial beauty of Monpura Island

Monpura Island is an island that is situated in the surface on the river of Meghna at north Bay of Bengal reign of Bangladesh. It is located in Monpura upazilla of Bhola district. It is not far from the main city of Bhola. The area of the island has 8,959 households and a total area of 373 square kilometers. And the population of the island is 67,304. Among another islands of the area are Bhola (which is the largest island of Bangladesh) and Hatia Island are eminent. Bhola is one of the most renowned island and most tourist places in Bangladesh. Monpura Island is different from the main Terrain from Bhola city. The celestial beauty of Monpura is actually so charming that it cannot describe in any language. It is surrounded by the ever green vegetation in the river of Meghna that enclosed with fencing, green paddy fields and the gardens of large mangrove species. The main fantastic watchable scene of Monpura Island are depicted deer, monkey, pythion and a lot of several of birds. During the winter season, abundant of foreign birds come to this island that are unforgettable moments for visitors. The most main beautiful and wondrous feather of this island is anyone can easily see both sunrise and sunset from here that’s really fantastic and charming.

Monpura landing station is one of the most important scenery in that area. The Monpura landing station that is made into 500 meter on the water of river that is not only the tourist people but also the local people gathered here to pass their time till afternoon to late night. Sitting here at night on this station, you imagine that you are floating on the water in middle of the Meghna River. When the stream and the wave are come forward to this station the station trembling this time you mind that you have been floating on the river water. It is really heart touching moments.

The Monpura Island has a deer’s sanctuaries. A lot of deer staying here and there for rest, sleeping and shelter. When the tide time, most of the deer go to the street for temporary shelter, wandering here and there. The local people said that when flock of deer are crossing the road, this time your motorbike standing on the road about four or five minutes. If you are a lucky person, you must watch this beautiful scene by the flock of deer. And the another charming and superb place is the Chowdhury project. This project means a fish of the dizz. Here you can easily watch the large area surrounded by the pond and lake with fishing farm. There are thousands of coconut tree standing in a row beside the lake. This scene is looking very much at the afternoon time because one side this row of coconut tree and the other side are the river of Meghna. Although the cyclone stoke on this project but it is not lose its beauty.

From the time the Monpura Island is more famous for the tragedy movie “Monpura” directed by Giasuddin Selim. The winter season is the most suitable time for watching and travelling this place. And there are many migratory birds are gathered here and they are enriched the beauty of the greatest Monpura island.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pyramid of wonder

It is the world's oldest and most famous of the world's wonders. The seven wonders of the ancient world, mainly in the old and the only surprise was that the existing. This is in addition to Giza pyramids and the pyramids khuphura cepasa also known as the Pyramid. It has been created by the million blocks of stone. Khuphura Great Pyramid was created in 20 year and was created B.C 2560 jobs over complete. The height of 146.5 meters and about the first 3,800 years of human development as the world's top architecture was known. Egyptian pharaoh of the fourth emperor is khuphura burial. The Seven Wonders of the World is one. The ancient Egypt would rule pharaoh kings. The tomb is built on the grave as the pyramid templates. Misare chotabara have 75 pyramids. Giza is a large and most attractive of which khuphu Pyramid also known as the Pyramid. It was created about 5000 years BC. Its height is about 481 feet. It was established 755 square feet land. It took the time to create a new 20 years and handwork 1 million labors. Pyramid was built a huge part of stone. Volume was about 60 tons of stone, a weight and length of 30 to 40 appears. They were collected from the far hill. The pyramids were built with a pair of stone and another stone from the middle part of the gap would not be negligible. Egyptians firmly believed that after death, their spirit is alive. So the next life that is not a problem. So that they can enjoy their life Egyptians would think. Depend on the importance of individual.  The important of individual increased. The life eases to relax enough to fall taken guard. The first work would do in the pharaoyera.  However, each sought his churchyard. Many of the death of the previous day's field would continue their work. The churchyard is the soul of dead cells. The Egyptians were, dead or alive, dead bodies remain in or return on the soul. The mummy is the corpse he said. I needed something for the survival of the soul and used every resource, especially the food with dead bodies. Primary responsibility of the body from the mausoleum dasyudera protects his belongings to be used. The huge amount of financial disputes and how to empower the person dead body’s purposes was to create a pyramid. The cemeteries with their dead bodies were guard for protecting huge wealth. The rich would most precious things their dispute. Even a small amount of disputes of low level people, but we were drinking.As past memories pyramids have stand on the head high which adherent wonderful of the column. Egypt was the "Great Pyramid” more than just one architecture. Cairo Egyptian city located in the peripheral area of the pyramid is the most tombs. The Pyramid "pharaoh khuphu - the Pyramid" or "pyramid siopasera" known.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Gorgeousness of Jordan city

Arab is an ancient city. Presently it situated beside of north-west Jordan ground hure hill east side of musa oyadi. From B.C 200 to B.C 400, it was the capital of Nabatain kingdom. Petra city is actually too much well defended tower. It was famous for its extraordinary natural beauty and important tombstone. It has mode in the hole which was 12 feet width only and on the head was a stone wall. In the side of hole has a hard stone of wall which has adore these ancient building and was most famous “khajneth feraun” of the holy place .The holy place was introduced rich and chattels too. It also has a half circle of playhouse where could sit together about 3000 visitor.  The city of Petra was defended and economically prosperous. All the side of Petra was a high hill and charming waterfall. The Petra would control all   main commercial ways which stands west of Gaza, North of Bosra and damaskas, beside of red sea of akuaba and liuse and North side of desert. During Roman rule, Petra quickly destroyed when they started trading centrally in ocean. In A.D 106 Romans were taken the provinces of comprising Arab Petra. The second and third centuries the importance of city reduces and takes mostly commercial areas Pamira city. In seventh centuries, Muslims take and the twelfth century it was occupied krusedara when it is destroyed. In 363 centuries, the earthquake destroyed the dalanagula and lost the run of the water system. In the middle age Petra ruins the central point. In the thirteen century to see Petra Egypt sultan Baibaras. After many years, this ancient city was discovering Swiss Paribrajak Johan Burkhardat in 1812. John William bargan said his description of Sanete Award winner famous “A rose-red city half as old as time”. But Bargan can not go Petra. Because, after First World War there could be on go Europeans and local people there were arms. UNESCO confirmed it as a global heritage place in 1985. Petra is city called on of the most precious cultural properties of man’s cultural heritage.  Petra culture, wealth and power that once was and how rich prosperous that’s proved Petra.

Grand Wall of China

Every one has a concept about the Great Wall of China. Of the world seven wonders is most magnificent place Great Wall of China. Actually, it’s made of man and its matter of joyful the strange plan many years active and made of many years ago. It’s very strange that how three dynasties are together the works was running. The wall is made about one-two million dead of Chinese. The wall has so far from of inhabitant’s area. It hears to people, if someone dead of working time that would cover down soil. The Chinese are so hard worker that are flourishing their vast working. The wall for resting has observed chair, reserved weapons, horse and army resident and would work sending alarm. Cantonment and academic centers are situated a long way. The greatest of wall boundary of solder was stronger to communicate and cautious about enemies monument. To show for an expedient hill and others high place was setup alarming tower. The Great Wall of China says Chinese language “sung son” which is made stone and soil a long row. These are made from B.C sixteen to B.C five for maintaining the north site of china. The same type of wall was made between B.C 220 and B.C 200 middle time of the china first sovereign khin-shi-huyaar was built the largest wall. At present, it’s situated of wall various far from north site and has very little remaining. Presently, the wall is built of the royal family. The greatest wall of world of china has made man’s hand masonry. The wall is about 5 to 8 meters high and 6532 kilometers long. It has started sanghipas and ended lopnur spot. The main part of wall construction was started about B.C 208.During the Construction work is starting choynic king emperor. The first sovereignty of china Qin shi Huang it use at first and build up a long wall to from enemies hand. Without natural restrictions of china others area for giving lookout and north of china the Hsiung Nu produced of opposite the first level secured. Hun, Sui, Nordan and Jing of sovereign times history they was making the same cause of china wall decorated, changed, expanded of reconstructed. According to in vogue concept, the greatest Wall of China is nearly 5000 kilometers. But according to newly concept the length of wall is so many