Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pyramid of wonder

It is the world's oldest and most famous of the world's wonders. The seven wonders of the ancient world, mainly in the old and the only surprise was that the existing. This is in addition to Giza pyramids and the pyramids khuphura cepasa also known as the Pyramid. It has been created by the million blocks of stone. Khuphura Great Pyramid was created in 20 year and was created B.C 2560 jobs over complete. The height of 146.5 meters and about the first 3,800 years of human development as the world's top architecture was known. Egyptian pharaoh of the fourth emperor is khuphura burial. The Seven Wonders of the World is one. The ancient Egypt would rule pharaoh kings. The tomb is built on the grave as the pyramid templates. Misare chotabara have 75 pyramids. Giza is a large and most attractive of which khuphu Pyramid also known as the Pyramid. It was created about 5000 years BC. Its height is about 481 feet. It was established 755 square feet land. It took the time to create a new 20 years and handwork 1 million labors. Pyramid was built a huge part of stone. Volume was about 60 tons of stone, a weight and length of 30 to 40 appears. They were collected from the far hill. The pyramids were built with a pair of stone and another stone from the middle part of the gap would not be negligible. Egyptians firmly believed that after death, their spirit is alive. So the next life that is not a problem. So that they can enjoy their life Egyptians would think. Depend on the importance of individual.  The important of individual increased. The life eases to relax enough to fall taken guard. The first work would do in the pharaoyera.  However, each sought his churchyard. Many of the death of the previous day's field would continue their work. The churchyard is the soul of dead cells. The Egyptians were, dead or alive, dead bodies remain in or return on the soul. The mummy is the corpse he said. I needed something for the survival of the soul and used every resource, especially the food with dead bodies. Primary responsibility of the body from the mausoleum dasyudera protects his belongings to be used. The huge amount of financial disputes and how to empower the person dead body’s purposes was to create a pyramid. The cemeteries with their dead bodies were guard for protecting huge wealth. The rich would most precious things their dispute. Even a small amount of disputes of low level people, but we were drinking.  As past memories pyramids have stand on the head high which adherent wonderful of the column. Egypt was the "Great Pyramid” more than just one architecture. Cairo Egyptian city located in the peripheral area of ​​the pyramid is the most tombs. The Pyramid "pharaoh khuphu - the Pyramid" or "pyramid siopasera" known.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Gorgeousness of Jordan city

Arab is an ancient city. Presently it situated beside of north-west Jordan ground hure hill east side of musa oyadi. From B.C 200 to B.C 400, it was the capital of Nabatain kingdom. Petra city is actually too much well defended tower. It was famous for its extraordinary natural beauty and important tombstone. It has mode in the hole which was 12 feet width only and on the head was a stone wall. In the side of hole has a hard stone of wall which has adore these ancient building and was most famous “khajneth feraun” of the holy place .The holy place was introduced rich and chattels too. It also has a half circle of playhouse where could sit together about 3000 visitor.  The city of Petra was defended and economically prosperous. All the side of Petra was a high hill and charming waterfall. The Petra would control all   main commercial ways which stands west of Gaza, North of Bosra and damaskas, beside of red sea of akuaba and liuse and North side of desert. During Roman rule, Petra quickly destroyed when they started trading centrally in ocean. In A.D 106 Romans were taken the provinces of comprising Arab Petra. The second and third centuries the importance of city reduces and takes mostly commercial areas Pamira city. In seventh centuries, Muslims take and the twelfth century it was occupied krusedara when it is destroyed. In 363 centuries, the earthquake destroyed the dalanagula and lost the run of the water system. In the middle age Petra ruins the central point. In the thirteen century to see Petra Egypt sultan Baibaras. After many years, this ancient city was discovering Swiss Paribrajak Johan Burkhardat in 1812. John William bargan said his description of Sanete Award winner famous “A rose-red city half as old as time”. But Bargan can not go Petra. Because, after First World War there could be on go Europeans and local people there were arms. UNESCO confirmed it as a global heritage place in 1985. Petra is city called on of the most precious cultural properties of man’s cultural heritage.  Petra culture, wealth and power that once was and how rich prosperous that’s proved Petra.

Grand Wall of China

Every one has a concept about the Great Wall of China. Of the world seven wonders is most magnificent place Great Wall of China. Actually, it’s made of man and its matter of joyful the strange plan many years active and made of many years ago. It’s very strange that how three dynasties are together the works was running. The wall is made about one-two million dead of Chinese. The wall has so far from of inhabitant’s area. It hears to people, if someone dead of working time that would cover down soil. The Chinese are so hard worker that are flourishing their vast working. The wall for resting has observed chair, reserved weapons, horse and army resident and would work sending alarm. Cantonment and academic centers are situated a long way. The greatest of wall boundary of solder was stronger to communicate and cautious about enemies monument. To show for an expedient hill and others high place was setup alarming tower. The Great Wall of China says Chinese language “sung son” which is made stone and soil a long row. These are made from B.C sixteen to B.C five for maintaining the north site of china. The same type of wall was made between B.C 220 and B.C 200 middle time of the china first sovereign khin-shi-huyaar was built the largest wall. At present, it’s situated of wall various far from north site and has very little remaining. Presently, the wall is built of the royal family. The greatest wall of world of china has made man’s hand masonry. The wall is about 5 to 8 meters high and 6532 kilometers long. It has started sanghipas and ended lopnur spot. The main part of wall construction was started about B.C 208.During the Construction work is starting choynic king emperor. The first sovereignty of china Qin shi Huang it use at first and build up a long wall to from enemies hand. Without natural restrictions of china others area for giving lookout and north of china the Hsiung Nu produced of opposite the first level secured. Hun, Sui, Nordan and Jing of sovereign times history they was making the same cause of china wall decorated, changed, expanded of reconstructed. According to in vogue concept, the greatest Wall of China is nearly 5000 kilometers. But according to newly concept the length of wall is so many

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sundarban mangrove forest

The sundarbans is the largest forest mangrove forest of the world .It has been declared the world heritage site of the world. The sundarbans is also an attractive and tourist sport. The natural beauty of sundarbans is charming. The Sundarbans along the Bay of Bengal has evolved over the millennia through natural deposition of upstream sediments accompanied by intertidal separation. The physiographic is subjugated by deltaic formations that consist of numerous drainage lines related with surface and subaqueous levees, splays and tidal flats. There are also marginal marshes above mean tide level, tidal sandbars and islands with their network of tidal channels, subaqueous distal bars and proto-delta clays and silt sediments. The sundarbans is as known as mangrove forest and has a many various kind of trees such as Sundari ,gewa, poshour, dhundul and many other are found in this forest. Sundari and Gewa occur significantly throughout the area with alternating distribution of Dhundul and Kankra. The sundarbans is a wonderful place as a natural beauty. sundarbans fresh water are a tropical moist broadleaf forest ecoregion of Bangladesh .It represents the salty swamp forests that lie behind the sundarbans mangroves where the salinity is more prominent. The freshwater ecoregion is an area where the water is only slightly brackish and becomes quite fresh during the rainy season, when the freshwater plumes from the Ganges and the Brahmaputra rivers push the intruding salt water out and transport a deposit of buildup. The Sundarbans was everywhere intersected by river channels and creeks, some of which afforded water communication throughout the Bengal section both for steamer and for native boats. The Sundarbans is very important wintering area for refugee water birds and is an area suitable for watching and studying avifauna. The Sundarbans provides a unique ecosystem and a rich wildlife environment. The Bangladesh mangrove plant life of the Sundarbans differs greatly from other non-deltaic coastal mangrove forests and upland forests associations. nothing like the former, the Rhizophoraceae are of slight importance. Differences in vegetation have been explained in terms of freshwater and low salinity influences in the Northeast and variations in drainage and siltation. The Sundarbans has been classified as a moist tropical forest representing a whole variety of seres, comprising most important colonization on new accretions to new mature beach forests, a lot conspicuously dominated by Keora forests. In the past three principal undergrowth types have been recognized in broad link with varying degrees of water salinity, freshwater flushing and physiographic and which are represented in the wildlife sanctuaries.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Agra fort

Taj Mahal, the wonderful memorial that stands at the heart of India has a story that has been melting the hearts of millions of viewers since the time Taj has been able to be seen. A story, that although ended back in 1631, continues to live on in the form of Taj and is considered a living example of perpetual love. It's the love story of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal, two people from the course of the past who set an pattern for the people living in present and the future to come. Maghul Emperor shajahan was built the Taj mahal which  as known as Agra fort. The important Maghal monument is so decorate and It is a powerful fortress constructed of red sand stone and hence its name the “Red fort-of Agra”. Taj mahal is a peaceful site by the river of Jumna about one and a half miles away from the Agra fort on the southern of the city. The  Taj Mahal has a beautiful garden in front. The garden is the very impressing part of the complex. The garden is divided into four side with two main walkways. Each part has also divided in the four with around  walkways .  Around the garden is built the mughal style of architecture. The style of the building influenced by the Persian garden particularly as known as charbagh structure. The garden is design by india mughal emperor .It symbolizes the four flowing rivers of paradise and reflects the Persian. The Taj mahal garden is the main element of the tomb and is located at the end of the garden. The most basic feature is the enclosure of the Cultivated area. The garden is one of the fundamental original garden in Various combinations. The Persian garden consist of formal four-sided figure of water and of flow to give it life and movement. The paradise garden takes some character from originally semi homeland. The story will prove that why the statement is true. Shah Jahan, initially named Prince Khurram, was born in the year 1592. He was the son of Jehangir, the fourth Mughal emperor of India and the grandson of Akbar the Great. In 1607 when strolling down the Meena Bazaar, accompanied by a string of fawning courtiers, Shah Jahan caught a view of a girl hawking silk and glass beads. It was love at first sight and the girl was Mumtaz Mahal, who was known as Arjumand Banu Begum at that time. At that time, he was 14 years old and she was  a Muslim Persian princess. After meeting her, Shah Jahan went back to his father and stated that he wanted to marry her.